Most of our mentors come from various engineering related organizations and classes from UCSD. They are college students who are are passionate about instituting a love for science and technology in younger students. They donate their time and energy in order to aid us in our quest to finish our robot in the 6 week Build Season. They help us with programming, electricals, mechanicals and even outreach. Through their guidance, we are able to learn from them and gain achievements through our own actions and initiatives. Our mentors ensure that they step back from the reigns and allows to do the work, to make our own mistakes and learn from them. They are a huge reason as to why we are such a success and we appreciate them tremendously. That is why, each year, we provide them with a complimentary team shirt so that they would fit in with us when they go to the FRC events, such as the San Diego Regional. Of course, we repay them with respect and courtesy, as well.